August 8, 2009

My 1am

Before I begin, let’s cover a bit of background:

I’m Aussie/Egyptian. Born and bred in Sydney. Moved to Egypt in May 09, at the age of 27.

So what’s this blog about exactly? Well for starters, this isn’t a point of reference for aspiring expats looking to make the same move. So if you want advice, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place. On the plus side, I’ve saved you the hassle of reading beyond the first paragraph before realising this.

If you’re still reading, this isn’t a “day-in-the-life of” blog either – I have no intention of recording my every move, there are only a few individuals out there who can do this without boring everyone to death. In general, the whole ‘big brother’ concept is old and tired, but if that’s your thing there are a ton of re-runs on YouTube.

So why am I here? To be honest, I needed a place where I could record random thoughts, upload pictures and basically keep my friends and family up to date. I’m also travelling quite a bit these days, and some of the things I see along the way are definitely worth a mention (such as the mini mango in Egypt which is the size of your finger… but more on that later!)

So why not just create a Facebook profile? Well actually I have one of those, and a Linked In page, and a few others whose logins I’ve long misplaced and forgotten. And now with Twitter becoming the newest place to be online, I realised that I would forever be on the virtual move. Just as in reality, you can never truly be settled unless you have a place of your own. I was actually going to name this blog My Place and then I realised that it sounded too familiar….

As it so happens I am writing my first entry and it is 1am. Lack of imagination, or perhaps just fatigue, but I guess I’ve found my blog title. For those of you wanting to extract some sort of meaning, let me indulge your whim…

“1am is a representation of the here and now, the start of a new day at the end of the previous one. So close is one to the other, that one can compare it to the turning of a page. And because I have recently moved from Sydney to Egypt, this is the perfect analogy for my life as it currently stands. I am basically closing one chapter (Sydney) and starting a new one (Egypt). Thus 1am, my 1am, equals a new beginning.”

Welcome friends, family, bloggers and random passers-by. May your 1am be filled with excitement, learning and success.


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